Illinois International Trade Centers - Company Background & References

Illinois International Trade Centers (IITC) is an international management, marketing and consulting company incorporated for the express purpose of identifying, developing and implementing international trade and Foreign Trade Zone strategies for both public sector entities and private companies in the Mid-West who wish to be more effectively engaged in the global marketplace. To support that effective engagement, IITC is developing a turnkey import/export center and Foreign Trade Zone at the Savanna Depot Business and Technology Park North of Savanna, IL. This intermodal transportation center and inland port will provide all the integrated services necessary to manage products profitably from point of manufacture to point of sale, world wide.

IITC's principals have over seventy years of collective experience in international trade, transportation, foreign trade zone, warehousing and real estate development. They have been instrumental in developing five General Purpose Foreign Trade Zone projects in the US as well as one in Canada and in three successful Sub-zone applications for individual companies.

IITC has helped numerous public sector entities and individual companies, large and small, to identify the costs benefits and opportunities associated with operating in a Zone and to develop appropriate Foreign Trade Zone strategies, international trade strategies and physical environments that support their aggressive participation in the rapidly growing global economy.